Safari Nursery Mood Board

We are going on a safari today! Gray and yellow are mixed with lions, elephant, and giraffes for a soothing safari theme. This is a perfect gender-neutral nursery for those who are “team green.” Walls can be left white but can also be painted a soft gray or light yellow.

Click Below to Buy the Room!*

  1. Curtains
  2. Crib
  3. Giraffe Crib Sheet
  4. Grey Blanket
  5. Baby Animal Photo Trio
  6. Lion Wall Clock
  7. Safari Changing Pad Cover
  8. Dresser
  9. Gray Rug
  10. Large Plush Giraffe
  11. Safari Nesting Dolls
  12. Elephant Pillow
  13. Storage Basket
  14. Elephant Ottoman
  15. White and Wood Rocker

*You will be taken to the retailers’ website by clicking on the links

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