Pink and Grey Ballet Nursery Mood Board

This nursery mood board is all about cozy soft pink and greys. The color pallet and ballet accents make this room a serene space perfect for a little girl. The wall have been left white but a soft grey color would look nice as well.

Click below to buy the room!*

  1. Pink Ruffle Curtains
  2. Crib
  3. Pink and Grey Butterfly Crib Mobile
  4. Pink Swan Sheets
  5. Grey Blanket
  6. Changing Pad Cover
  7. Dresser
  8. Pink Rug
  9. Unicorn Storage Bin
  10. Grey Damask Storage Bins
  11. Ballet Dancer Wall Art
  12. White Lamp
  13. Teepee
  14. Cable Knit Pillow
  15. Pink Damask Pillow
  16. Rabbit Ballet Doll
  17. Fuzzy Ottoman
  18. Rocking Chair

*You will be taken to the retailers’ website by clicking on the links

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